Legacy Partners acquires multifamily communities throughout the United States, with emphasis in California, Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. While we focus our efforts in our core markets, we have capitalized on opportunities in Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland and the Carolinas.

We’re in the business of revitalizing communities, reinventing properties, renewing partnerships, and realizing opportunities.

The Legacy Partners team seeks to acquire low and sell high in the real estate cycle —generating results for our partners in the form of strong, risk-adjusted returns. We create economies of scale by concentrating our efforts in our core markets, and obtain fast financing through our long-term relationships with the world’s best lenders.

Acquisitions Services

Asset Identification

Legacy Partners has heavily experienced local partners and extensive market knowledge, allowing us to find the best investment opportunities and position them strategically to generate maximum value for our clients.

Due Diligence / Assessment

The decision makers at Legacy Partners choose opportunities wisely, relying upon the local knowledge of partners and associates operating in our core markets. It certainly helps that, in some cases, we have been operating in the same markets for nearly a half century. While we are deeply engrained in local markets, we are also nimble and able to respond to changes in market trends and remain responsive to the needs of communities we serve.

We thoroughly vet each community we acquire — taking the following steps in the process:

  • Financial feasibility and economic analysis
  • Environmental investigation
  • Operating and capital budget development
  • Verifying zoning and governmental compliance
  • Evaluating repositioning potential
  • Inspecting property conditions
  • Market analysis
  • Developing capital budgets


Legacy Partners’ management team has an edge when it comes to renovating multifamily property assets, thanks to years of experience and local market knowledge. Since 1968, we have completed hundreds of renovations. Our experience has taught us to work closely with owners once an acquisition has been made to pinpoint goals, create budgets, and provide guidance on upgrades and changes to properties to maximize NOI gains.

Repositioning and Rebranding

Increased rents. Lower expenses. Fewer management difficulties. It’s what every owner wants. But not all companies can make it happen like Legacy Partners can. Simply put: we’re in a great position to reposition. We have experience revitalizing properties—whether that means a minor facelift, a total overhaul or a complete teardown. Our acquisition teams will guide you through the rebranding process and increase your net operating income. We don’t just reposition. We reinvent.

Dispositions and Financing

Legacy Partners has managed the sale of a myriad of multifamily real estate assets. We drive the process smartly, evaluating and maintaining properties to ensure a successful sale. We do whatever is necessary to facilitate the transaction, including getting opinions of value, third-party appraisals, and the strongest brokers we know within the brokerage community. We have a portfolio of assets at all times and obtain interim or permanent debt financing when necessary. We know the lenders and have financed and refinanced billions of dollars with them.

Asset Management

Legacy Partners is proficient and well practiced at managing and operating multifamily real estate assets. In fact, we’ve managed most of the properties we have developed, seeing many through to their successful disposition. Thanks to our fiscal strength and access to capital markets, we have completed complex financing arrangements and created venture relationships with some of the biggest investors in the industry.