New apartment building in Wallingford has rooftop chicken coop

New apartment building in Wallingford has rooftop chicken coop

Watch the chickens 24 hours a day on the building’s ‘coop cam’


Bowman, a recently-opened apartment building by Legacy Partners in Wallingford, is for the most part like many new residential projects in Seattle. Its long list of shared amenities includes a dog run, a gaming lounge, and the standard shared rooftop deck.


It’s what’s on that roof deck that makes it stand out: a chicken coop, already loaded up with chickens. And those roof chickens have a live stream—or coop cam—running 24 hours a day, so you can watch those birds live their best life.


Bowman’s roof chickens.
 Courtesy of Legacy Partners


To be clear, this is not a bring-your-own-chicken or u-pick egg situation. The chickens come courtesy of Kevin Scott, the owner of nearby Portage Bay Grange. Eggs are collected daily by apartment staff and are distributed to residents who have filled out a waiver on a first-come-first-served basis.


Still, even if you’re not a chicken handler, there’s room to interact with the hens. Residents that want to meet the chickens just have to head up to the roof, the PR firm representing Legacy told us over email.


The chickens, along with hammocks, barbecues, and ping-pong, all sit atop 278 luxury apartments. The building is currently 95 percent leased, and with studios starting at more than $1,400,—one-bedrooms at more than $2,000—those chickens had better be getting some high-quality grains, or whatever it is bourgie fowl eat.


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